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A3L Big City Life allows our users to download the required Addons with a simple to use program called Arma 3 Sync. All you have to do is follow the simple 1, 2, 3 steps below. You'll be online in no time!


Can't Do It? Our friendly staff will help you quickly install the addons with TeamViewer.
Download TeamViewer and speak to an admin to get started.


Download Arma 3 Sync Download Arma 3 Sync at this URL, once downloaded, install it. We made this process easy for you.
http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 (download link at bottom of page)


Add Arma 3 Directory Run Arma 3 Sync. It will ask you to input your default Arma 3 directory so it can install the addons inside it. It is most likely in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3


Add Repository for Download Inside Arma 3 Sync, Add the server addons by clicking the Repositories Tab on the top right. Then to Add a Repository, Click the blue plus icon on the right.


Insert Public auto-config URL In the new repository box, depending on your location, choose the best server to download the addons. Copy and paste a blue URL below into the "Public auto-config url" input on the top. Then click IMPORT.

West USA ftp://west.a3lbigcitylife.com/.a3s/autoconfig
Central USA ftp://central.a3lbigcitylife.com/.a3s/autoconfig
East USA ftp://east.a3lbigcitylife.com/.a3s/autoconfig
Europe ftp://euro.a3lbigcitylife.com/.a3s/autoconfig

Fetch New Files After adding the repo, Enter the repo by click the Door icon on the right. (last icon). It will load a list of the required addons.


Begin Download After it finishes loading. Click on the Green Checkmark on the top left. Wait for it. Then click SELECT ALL to download each addon folder. All 3 folders on the right should be checked.


Start Download Once you have the 3 addon folders checked, press the Play button on the left. It will begin to download! Sit back n chill out! Downloading will take a while. Perfect time to checkout our website.


Add Task Force Radio To TeamSpeak Go inside your Arma 3 folder (step 2). Then go inside the @task_force_radio folder, then go inside TeamSpeak Plugin folder and double click on install-TFR.exe. This will automatically install TFR to your TeamSpeak. After running this, enable Task Force Radio on TeamSpeak in Settings -> Plugins


Add Mods to Arma 3 Launcher Open Arma 3 and click on MODS tab. You must add each of the 4 folders that were downloaded. @A3L, @CBA_A3, @Lakeside, @task_force_radio from inside your Arma 3 directory


Connect to Server We can't wait to see you join, so get in fast by searching for "A3L BIG CITY LIFE" or clicking the Remote on the bottom right of Arma 3 game, and adding Game Server IP: play.A3Lbigcitylife.com


You're Done! Enjoy our community, and become a part of it by joining our forums. If you wish to become a police officer, please do an application online. You should also get on TeamSpeak! IP: TS.A3Lbigcitylife.com


Updating the Repo Sometimes we add new features into the server, so the client must download. If you have any issues getting in, make sure you have the most recent addons via Arma 3 Sync. Contact us on TeamSpeak

YouTube Help Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH2bMMN3570