A3L Big City Life keeping the streets safe

A3L Big City Life is a Arma 3 server running Altis Life RPG on Lakeside Valley map. To join this server, you'll need to follow some simple steps and download the required Addons. Lakeside is a pretty awesome map, it is much smaller, and easier to get around. You can go fishing in the local lake, and sell to the fish market, or you can become a drug gang empire and run your crops. The police will abide by A3L Big City Life laws, and will serve justice to those who have done wrong. If there is a tragic accident, a Medic will arrive to your location via Helicopter. We would like to have at least 1 medic online.

If the citizens get out of hand, the police will enforce martial law on the city to maintain it's stability and safety.

Current Police Force
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